Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movie Makeup Contest Mock Entry

So my awesome friend Brian (Bmfirkus) Is having a Movie Inspired Contest on his youtube channel.
I am one of the judges and did a mock entry inspired by Moulin Rouge.
I really love cabaret type of stuff,I think I nailed it pretty much,I drew inspiration from everything pretty much.
I hope you guys enjoy.

You can enter the Contest on his channel or

mine which is

In case ya'll weren't aware I carry vegan Solid perfumes on my site now,matte eyeshadows ( i will be adding more) and I also will be carrying blushes and bronzers.

I used Alter Ego on the temples and above the crease almost to the brow bone.
On the brow bone I used Talk,Talk
On the Eyelid I used Cloud 9
Under the eye I used Back In Black Creame Eyeshadow
On The Lips I used Inferno And Kinky Lip Candys
For the highlites On my face I used Talk Talk
For the eyebrows I used the brunette eyebrow powder and Dark Brunette Eyebrow Powder
I used a sally girl glitter in Silver(don't remember the name) on the sides for the "spots" and used eyelash adhesive underneath.
I have full face shots but I won't post them as I look silly.


  1. Oooh I need to go check it out!
    I LOVE the look you did. Beautiful!

  2. Yes you should check it out:-P

    It should be loads of fun:)

  3. Thank you hun! I included an open eyed picture too!:)