Sunday, January 10, 2010

dark lips,intriguing eyes

Dark lips,intriguing eyes

I wanted to try something new.
I used Inferno lip candy(it's a dark blackened copper brown,gawgus.)
This stuff tastes great! It has a very sweet taste to it.
I was totally not a fan of lip colours in the past,I had a hard time finding the most unique shades in the stores,I always found most colours to not good look too great on my skin tone.

I used back in black creame eyeshadow on the lid
and the white eyeshadow base on the brow bone.
Than mixed glass slipper and I think crazy crazy nights on the inner corner of the eye and above the coppery-colour.
I used 1979 mixed with talk talk on the highlight
I used a bronezy colour from lancome colour that was discontinued,argh i can't remember the name(Sorry)!
On the outer V I used Kitten Has Claws and blended it up slightly.

I've been getting rave reviews about my eyeshadow base being much like a depotted melted nyx jumbo pencil,everyone says it doesn't crease,smudge or fade!yay,I always use mine too I love it.
I even had someone come back for another as a gift!
Here it is in all it's glory.

Don't forget to check out the new layout of the site,and the new sections.
There are currently 2 new collections that are limited edition,if you love the 90's you'll be in love with the 90's alternative collection!
Also very soon High Voltage Cosmetics will be offering pressed eyeshadow pans,After many requests for this Justin and I have decided to go ahead with it.

Well thanks for reading!:)


  1. Oh my god, that look is GORGEOUS! Your blending is perfect and your lips look sexy!

  2. Hey thanks!!
    I neverrrr wear lip colours that dark,but I really like it!
    Do you ever wear dark lip colours?

  3. I do like dark lips :) I used to wear them more often, typically dark red, black, dark purple, dark pink.

  4. I like the fact you wear purples and blues,that's awesome! Not many people are brave enough to do that in real life,I am currently working on a line of lippies that can alter your lip colour,to make them lighter,darker or brighter:)