Sunday, March 21, 2010

Huge Sale

Hey everyone

Sorry I never update this thing,I have some FOTD's in the works.
But I wanted to give you a heads up on the sale I'm having.

any 5 full sized 5 gram jars of eyeshadow for $17.50 including free shipping.

I have been super busy,and have released about 35+ new colours since I last posted.

I've been a very busy bee!

Hope all is well with you guys.

Hello to my new followers=)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Green With Envy

Awesome Nail polish that Justin gave to me.

It's a Secondary straight forward green.

The Icing Nail polishes are really pigmented(2 coats will have great coverage) and are fairly cheap and last quite a long time with a base and top coast.

The cost of the nail polish is $2.00 for a 0.2 FL Oz

Here's a Nail Of The week.

(Click For Larger Photo)

Once again sorry for lack of updates,I had food poisioning and am getting geared up for spring cleaning LOL and am getting rid of many things and donating them.


What is your current favourite nail polish?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sultry blue/purple eye


Hey everyone!

Happy Friday!!

I'm back again with another FOTD.

Sometimes my camera loves me,other times it hates me!
I wanted to do something with bright eyeliner since that seems to be a place I overlook when I do my daily makeup.
Okay so I've been doing something that is very fun (Thanks to my hubby for the suggestion!)
He suggested I print a list of all my current eyeshadows,cut them up,fold them and put them in something to shake them up in and choose colours randomly and do a look on it!
Okay so some of the choices that come up don't match together.
If that's the case i'll throw it back in and choose another one!
Isn't that a fun idea?!
Have you ever done this,and if so how were the results?
If you have ANY FOTD's Using High Voltage Cosmetics that'd be great if you could post them! I'd love to see your creation!:)

This looks wasn't really inspired by anything but my love of purples/blues!
(I Know Phyrra will LOVE THIS,since She is a big fan of blues/purples!)

I also wanted to ask,what do your spouses,friends,family think of your makeup style and addiction?
My husband is obviously supportive since he helps run High Voltage Cosmetics,my sister loves my makeup but doesn't think she has the face for it(she does!) and my mom has been wearing the same makeup since the 80's lol..
and obviously my friends love makeup since we are makeup addicts!
My D&D Friends think I don't need makeup,hahah.

HV Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base In White applied from lash line to brow bone
As well as on the waterline.
False Lashes-Shisem
Mascara-Lash stilleto
Eyebrow Powders in Brunette and MED Brunette
Brow Bone-Feel The Heat
Lid-Wicked Love
Crease-Pure Energy!
Above Crease-Do The Twist
Lower Lash Line-Thunderstruck

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm trying to clear out room in my drawers so I want to find this stuff a good home!!
COMMENT IF you want any of this or everything for a good price! Thanks!

All Prices include shipping.

Asking $3.50 for each shadow or the whole lot for $55.00

Movie Makeup Contest Mock Entry

So my awesome friend Brian (Bmfirkus) Is having a Movie Inspired Contest on his youtube channel.
I am one of the judges and did a mock entry inspired by Moulin Rouge.
I really love cabaret type of stuff,I think I nailed it pretty much,I drew inspiration from everything pretty much.
I hope you guys enjoy.

You can enter the Contest on his channel or

mine which is

In case ya'll weren't aware I carry vegan Solid perfumes on my site now,matte eyeshadows ( i will be adding more) and I also will be carrying blushes and bronzers.

I used Alter Ego on the temples and above the crease almost to the brow bone.
On the brow bone I used Talk,Talk
On the Eyelid I used Cloud 9
Under the eye I used Back In Black Creame Eyeshadow
On The Lips I used Inferno And Kinky Lip Candys
For the highlites On my face I used Talk Talk
For the eyebrows I used the brunette eyebrow powder and Dark Brunette Eyebrow Powder
I used a sally girl glitter in Silver(don't remember the name) on the sides for the "spots" and used eyelash adhesive underneath.
I have full face shots but I won't post them as I look silly.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mismatched Eyes

Hey I forgot to post this look,It's from a few days ago.
I promise I'll update several times a week,since I now know people read my blog,THANK YOU!

I used 4 colours for this look.

Starbreaker(bright lime/yellow green)
Roadie (teal)
Love bites(dark blue)

Yes I walked around in public like this,I thought it was so much fun!

secondly my awesome nail polish expirement

Jade From Wet N Wild With Hard Candy's Sweet Pea Over it,I really love it.

dark lips,intriguing eyes

Dark lips,intriguing eyes

I wanted to try something new.
I used Inferno lip candy(it's a dark blackened copper brown,gawgus.)
This stuff tastes great! It has a very sweet taste to it.
I was totally not a fan of lip colours in the past,I had a hard time finding the most unique shades in the stores,I always found most colours to not good look too great on my skin tone.

I used back in black creame eyeshadow on the lid
and the white eyeshadow base on the brow bone.
Than mixed glass slipper and I think crazy crazy nights on the inner corner of the eye and above the coppery-colour.
I used 1979 mixed with talk talk on the highlight
I used a bronezy colour from lancome colour that was discontinued,argh i can't remember the name(Sorry)!
On the outer V I used Kitten Has Claws and blended it up slightly.

I've been getting rave reviews about my eyeshadow base being much like a depotted melted nyx jumbo pencil,everyone says it doesn't crease,smudge or fade!yay,I always use mine too I love it.
I even had someone come back for another as a gift!
Here it is in all it's glory.

Don't forget to check out the new layout of the site,and the new sections.
There are currently 2 new collections that are limited edition,if you love the 90's you'll be in love with the 90's alternative collection!
Also very soon High Voltage Cosmetics will be offering pressed eyeshadow pans,After many requests for this Justin and I have decided to go ahead with it.

Well thanks for reading!:)