Friday, December 4, 2009

Nail Polishes

okay so in the past I never really cared about my nails.

Now I have more than 75 + Nail polishes.

I try to paint my nails at least once a week since it can be very damaging.

I tend to like sinful colours a lot it seems and or lower brand polishes,they are much more appealing to me.

No offense to the china glazers but I can get the same thing for cheaper:-P

I'll be showing you nails from the past

I'm aware I have stubby little fingers,I think they are cute

Sadly this Mehron Polish doesn't have a name,the good news I was able to purchase this from a theatrical store in wisconsin for a whopping $1.59!

Mercury By Sinful colors for $1.99 at walgreens,very pigmented and long wearing,of course finding the perfect base and top coat helps with it lasting longer,I use revlon's base and top coat.The sad part about sinful colours is that walgreens does not carry all the shades.

You are lucky enough if they get new ones in and swap out old ones,i've found some at beauty supply stores thankful! I think i'll be going to find more real soon!

Lagoon By Sinful Colours

Courtney Orange:)

Well that's it for now guys,i'll be back later with another post:-P

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