Sunday, December 20, 2009

Greek Collection Look

I sometimes forget I have this thing,is that bad?
For the past few weeks i've been working on a "Collection"
I swore to myself I wouldn't do one,but everyone kept asking me to do one.
A lot of the colours in this collection are just plain odd but in a good way?
They are mostly purples and blues and rich tones.
I thought it was time to step away from the really bright stuff that I have made in the past and move to something deeper and darker.
These will be available in be on the look out!

Onto the photos..(this looks like crap becouse I just wanted to a quick looking with these colours)

Highlight-Feel The Heat
Inner Corner-Happily Ever After
Middle Of Lid-Chimaera
Outer V-Medusa's Stare
Crease-Myths And Legends

Base-Back In Black Creame eyeshadow and High Voltage Eyeshadow Base
Eyelashes-Adrell Halloween Lashes in "Enchantress"
Eyebrows-Brunette Eyebrow Powder
Water Line-Back In Black Creame Eyeshadow


  1. I LOVE the lashes and I love the colors! Beautiful blending and application.

  2. Thanks!:) I think I could have done better but oh well:-P
    As for the lashes,I acutally picked these up on clearance at Ulta,I hope they have them next year!