Friday, December 25, 2009

Colorful Look

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great xmas and got many nice gifts:)
I didn't get much this year,I personally never ask for anything for xmas, I'm happy enough with the things I have:)
So here is a very bright look,I didn't bring the orange up as nearly often as I do with my usual makeup,I wanted to try something different,now onto the FOTD.
Most of these colours aren't out yet
( * Signifies new shades that have yet to be released)
Inner Corner-Kiss & Tell *
Lid-Is it love?
Crease-Electric Avenue (discontinued)
Lash Line-Midnite Desire (Applied using HV Mixing Medium Released in Jan 2010)
Lower Lash Line-Spoiled Rotten *(applied using HV mixing Medium)
Brow Bone-1979
Lashes-Kiss (not sure of the style name,but they flare out)
Brows-Brunette eyebrow powder

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